Tips For Buying A New House

Tips for finding a good houseWhen in the market for a new house , you are excited and looking for a change.A good recomendation is to have a list of important things to make sure you have considered for the house you are thinking of buying. Of course the house must fit your lifestyle and needs. Enough  bedrooms for the kids, family room next to the kitchen , possibly a large backyard. But how about the neighborhood, the schools , distance from workplace , shopping and so on. These are among the most important things when buying a new house. You can always change the interior of a home , upgrade the background , remodel the kitchen and other projects that change the actual home. But , You can not change the street you live on or the neighborhood. In a article i read on yahoo voices ,  it talks about also getting a good home inspector  to look at the integrity of the house. Check to see if they are part of  Home Inspectors Association Things that you  might not catch if you dont have many years in the construction field. Finding a good inspector can be usually be easy if you have a good realtor. Things such as window sealing effectiveness , the effectiveness and stability of the furnace and air conditioning . Foundation issues or cracks in slab , Issues with the plumbing system, bad faucets or leaky  drains, slow flushing toilets and things like that. Recently , in the last 5 years , they have been also checking for rotting wood , prior water damage , or worse yet , mold damage. Usually mold damage can occur if a leak or flood happens and the homeowners do not take care of it properly ( calling out a professional ) and mop it up and call it good. This type of damage can cause many thousands of dollars to repair correctly. Check under and around sinks , check the drywall, and toilet areas for warped baseboard or discolored paint or drywall.Whats the condition of the floors , tile or carpet? Can a carpet cleaning  service in san diego get them cleaned , or do they need to be changed. Is the tile floor just dirty or does the grout or tile have cracks or signs of a slab problem?

Another tip is to check out the house at different time of the day and night to make sure you get a full picture of the things going on at different times. For example, check the street out at rush hour and see how many cars are driving and at what speeds. Is it safe for kids ? Do the cars seem to be driving at unsafe speeds? At night or weekends , get a feel for the events going on and if they align with your lifestyle.Does the neighbor seem to have a party from friday night to monday morning? Thats a problem you may want to avoid. Talking to different folks on the block and asking basic questions may also give you good insight. Take a look at the school district and check online about its track record. These days you can get a full report of how the school is doing and performing compared to other schools. Crime rates can also be found online.

Using these ideas for buying a home will surely help you pick the house that you can enjoy for many years with no regrets.


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