How To Inspect A Home For Purchase

Are you currently planning to buy a house in Manchester, CT? If you are, then you should know how to inspect it first before finally deciding to purchase it. Making assessments on the house’s physical condition is not easy. But if this is done, structural or mechanical systems repairs that are expensive can be avoided or at least you have anticipated it before closing the deal. Inspection of a house needs certain technical skills, which is why most buyers would hire a home inspector to do the job for them. But having a bit of idea can help too, below are the details that you will want to keep in mind:

How To Inspect A Home For Purchase
  1. Check the structural components such as the foundation, ceilings, walls, roof, and floors. Make sure that the foundation supports the weight of the house and it is evenly distributed to the soil below. Look for any insect contamination, rotting and dampness, the condition of the materials as well as the gutters and paintwork.
  2. Check the mechanical system such as heating, air conditioning, chimney, furnace and sprinklers. Is it still functioning? Are there any damages on the systems that you need to know or do you need to replace anything? Such systems are very important and it should be in your top priority list.
  3. Check the electrical system such as circuit breakers, fuse panel, light fixtures, exhaust fans and wirings. This type of system is very critical to avoid any short circuits and any other related accidents.
  4. Check the plumbing system such as vent pipes, drainage, toilets, sinks, and faucets. See to it that there no signs of any surface leakage; and you should also be aware about the last time the septic system was pumped and how old it is.
  5. Other important components that you need to give attention is the ventilation, ceiling height, natural light, sizes of the rooms, smoke detectors, appliances, entryways, garage, driveway or sidewalk, landscaping, windows frames, doors, shutters and trim.
  6. Ask about any safety or health concerns that you should know about.
How To Inspect A Home For Purchase

There is what we call “pre-closing home inspection” wherein you and the inspector will be doing a final walk-through of the house or the overall property once the seller has moved out. This is to make sure that it is still in good condition and it’s also worth your money. There are safety concerns such as asbestos, lead, radon, fungi, and mold that should be checked by a specialist for assessment; and it is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. Once everything is good to go, you’ll be moving in your new home in no time.

Checking Flooring for imperfections.

when inspecting carpets , look for wear and tear of fibers or traffic pasterns . Soil can be cleaned but wear and tear can not be changed. Look at quality of installation along edges and seams , and especially transition areas to other floor types. Look for waves or bumps in carpet . This will require repair by a carpet professional. Keep a special eye out for spots that have color damage. These can be difficult to impossible to remove.

Wood floor inspections should include condition of finish. Are there scratches in the finish, is the sealer worn in areas , is there any water damage or dry rot in the wood floors. Some floors will need to be sanded and refinished , others a good  wood floor cleaning . Sealer can be applied to freshen the look of the floor.

Tile and stone floor inspections should include , quality of installation, grout condition , and cleanliness . Many tile installers do a sub-par job and beautiful tile and stone tiles dont help the resale do to poor installations. Make sure gaps / grout widths are the same in all areas. No lippage  ( uneven height ) are present . Look for missing grout or damaged grout. If soiling is present in tile and grout , hiring a tile floor cleaner would solve that problem.

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