Flowers to Brighten your Landscape

Easy and Colorful Summer Blooms for Your Porch

Summer is all about sunshine and fun, so why not make your home’s outdoor entrance as sunny as possible? Here are 4 great summer blooms that are easy to plant and completely colorful for adorning your front porch.

PetuniasLanscaping ideas

This sun-loving bloom is a summer staple, and it grows nicely in a pot. You can grow petunias in red, white, purple, blue, and even pink! With a little trimming of the buds and stems every few weeks, you can enjoy this timeless summer flower all season long.


Not only are starflowers beautiful to look at, but they have an added benefit- they attract butterflies. Give your porch the charming upgrade it needs this summer by placing this cheery flower on either side of your porch. The butterflies won’t be able to resist!


Hibiscus can be grown in a potted plant or tree form for adding lustrous beauty to your landscape. This exotic flower is very easy to grow, and loves being in the sun. The most common hue for this bloom is a vibrant red, although other shades are available. Since hibiscus flowers tend to grow tall, you can plant this bloom with decorative grass or even herbs for added appeal.

Potted flowers are a wonderful summer decor, especially if you want to improve your home’s appearance and make it more inviting. Consider any of these easy-to-plant potted blooms to take your porch from drab to fab this summer. Find a Lowes near me 

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