Flowers to Brighten your Landscape

Easy and Colorful Summer Blooms for Your Porch

Summer is all about sunshine and fun, so why not make your home’s outdoor entrance as sunny as possible? Here are 4 great summer blooms that are easy to plant and completely colorful for adorning your front porch.

PetuniasLanscaping ideas

This sun-loving bloom is a summer staple, and it grows nicely in a pot. You can grow petunias in red, white, purple, blue, and even pink! With a little trimming of the buds and stems every few weeks, you can enjoy this timeless summer flower all season long.


Not only are starflowers beautiful to look at, but they have an added benefit- they attract butterflies. Give your porch the charming upgrade it needs this summer by placing this cheery flower on either side of your porch. The butterflies won’t be able to resist!


Hibiscus can be grown in a potted plant or tree form for adding lustrous beauty to your landscape. This exotic flower is very easy to grow, and loves being in the sun. The most common hue for this bloom is a vibrant red, although other shades are available. Since hibiscus flowers tend to grow tall, you can plant this bloom with decorative grass or even herbs for added appeal.

Potted flowers are a wonderful summer decor, especially if you want to improve your home’s appearance and make it more inviting. Consider any of these easy-to-plant potted blooms to take your porch from drab to fab this summer. Find a Lowes near me 

Fixtures and Fittings For Your new Home

Moving Home – The Fixtures and Fittings

Buying or selling a home can involve much more than the bricks and mortar, and there are very few rules and regulations about how to proceed with the costings of fixtures and fittings.

New HomeBy fixtures we mean anything that is firmly attached to a wall or ceiling, such as a light switch, plug socket, bathroom suite or kitchen cupboards. Fittings is a term applied to more free-standing objects such as white goods, carpets, curtains and other décor.

Arguing over these things may sound somewhat trivial, but it is important to both the buyer and the seller. To the buyer, there may be certain custom-items that will be necessary when they move in, and they also need to be aware if essential items such as carpets, switches and sockets are not going to be present when they move in as they will need replacing quickly, and this will incur a cost that will need to be budgeted for. The outlay for white goods, carpets and other items adds up very quickly so this needs to be factored in with the overall cost of buying the house in the first place.

To the seller certain items may be personal and/or sentimental, and there will be a reluctance to leave certain things behind. As the seller you are within your rights to take whatever fixtures and fittings you want from the property, as long as the buyer is made aware before the sale is completed.

So how do we come to an agreement?

It all starts with the creation of an inventory, put together by the Solicitors and is fully agreed upon as part of the sales contract. This means that everything is confirmed and in place before the contracts are exchanged, meaning there are no surprises for either party. The inventory starts with the seller – they are asked to fill out a form room by room with exactly what will be left, and if it is not going to be left behind, whether it can be purchased for an additional price. This inventory is then passed to the buyers to look over and comment on, making any offers or counter-offers if they deem it necessary.

As a buyer, be realistic in your wants and the way you go about things. Always remember the seller is under absolutely no obligation to leave you anything at all, so they hold the majority of the cards. Being reasonable at this stage can help the sale proceed quickly and smoothly, while being overly-aggressive or demanding can weaken your position.

As a buyer you need to remember what the seller wants, and in the majority of cases this is a peaceful and swift completion. Derogatory offers for their possessions or continual back-and-forth will add complications that they simply do not need, so if negotiating for certain items remember to keep it swift, reasonable and well-intended. Be true to yourself however – if there are items you simply cannot afford to replace such as the carpets then be honest about this. The majority of sellers will leave switches and floor coverings, but it is not always the case; so be prepared to haggle and with a smile on your face!

The seller also has a duty to help the sale proceed smoothly, so just remember unless you desperately need certain items then it might be less hassle for you and the buyer simply to leave them. Do you really need to spend the time taking off every light switch and getting up all the carpets? Think about whether you really need them and whether they will actually serve a purpose. If not, offer them out to the buyers, even if that is at a price.

Staging Tips Video

Real Estate Staging Tips and Preparations

Staging Tips

When you need to sell a home, there are things one must keep at the head of the priority list you have in mind during that time. A skilled and smart owner will use the strengths of their property to promote it while at the same time working to mitigate and eliminate its weaknesses to increase its market appeal. This is hardly cheating however, as you will do your best to make sure things are as good as possible. The following tips will let you know what you can do to get your home looking neat and appealing to the eye , also known as Staging :)

• Cleaning
The first and most obvious step would be to make sure you have a nice and clean environment to work with. You should make sure you have a flawlessly clean set of rooms if you want to have the best results possible. Roll up your sleeves, get started and work on mopping, washing, vacuuming and dusting your property so you’ll have a spotless place indeed.Tile Cleaning should be done to make all travertine restoration look good

• Removing personal possessions
We may really love our furniture, our belongings, books and more, however you should do your best to remove them. Your potential new buyers will not be interested in them, but in the space and roof you have to offer. Make sure you make the home cozy, but depersonalized enough to be easy to walk through and market to your audience. Remove your photos, collectibles, personal belongings and more and allow your home to flourish without them for the time being.

• Declutter
The other thing that needs to be addressed is the sheer number and volume of belongings you have around the home. Make sure you minimize that to a miniscule amount if possible. You can donate, sell and store what you can at this part of the staging process to ensure you have enough space to work with without making the place seem chaotic. Donate or store your books as well and leave things as basic as you can.

Make sure everything works and it doesn’t need to be fixed. No squeaking doors, no fading and peeling paint, no broken and leaking pipes, no faulty sinks or other things that mar the beauty of the place. It will cost a bit, but you need it to make the best impression possible to your buyers.

• Colors
Stick to neutral colors to ensure you have a nice place that doesn’t dazzle the eyes with sharp hues. Neutral and soft colors give the illusion of depth and warmth, so they would be ideal for your purpose.

Marketing in local business

We Appreciate Our Local dance Studio  lending a hand with our open houses advertising. Whats great with this partnership is the relationship the dance company has with there clients and clients parents. They have agreed to let us email dance clients and interview them about housing needs in the area. Because most of these young families will be relocating , buying or selling a house in town , it will help us reach out to future customers. We also will be hosting a get together luncheon for this new partnership and  are inviting the local people to join us for free hot dogs and hamburgers. Cleaning has also donated a great space for this event.

Tips For Buying A New House

Tips for finding a good houseWhen in the market for a new house , you are excited and looking for a change.A good recomendation is to have a list of important things to make sure you have considered for the house you are thinking of buying. Of course the house must fit your lifestyle and needs. Enough  bedrooms for the kids, family room next to the kitchen , possibly a large backyard. But how about the neighborhood, the schools , distance from workplace , shopping and so on. These are among the most important things when buying a new house. You can always change the interior of a home , upgrade the background , remodel the kitchen and other projects that change the actual home. But , You can not change the street you live on or the neighborhood. In a article i read on yahoo voices ,  it talks about also getting a good home inspector  to look at the integrity of the house. Check to see if they are part of  Home Inspectors Association Things that you  might not catch if you dont have many years in the construction field. Finding a good inspector can be usually be easy if you have a good realtor. Things such as window sealing effectiveness , the effectiveness and stability of the furnace and air conditioning . Foundation issues or cracks in slab , Issues with the plumbing system, bad faucets or leaky  drains, slow flushing toilets and things like that. Recently , in the last 5 years , they have been also checking for rotting wood , prior water damage , or worse yet , mold damage. Usually mold damage can occur if a leak or flood happens and the homeowners do not take care of it properly ( calling out a professional ) and mop it up and call it good. This type of damage can cause many thousands of dollars to repair correctly. Check under and around sinks , check the drywall, and toilet areas for warped baseboard or discolored paint or drywall.Whats the condition of the floors , tile or carpet? Can a carpet cleaning  service in san diego get them cleaned , or do they need to be changed. Is the tile floor just dirty or does the grout or tile have cracks or signs of a slab problem?

Another tip is to check out the house at different time of the day and night to make sure you get a full picture of the things going on at different times. For example, check the street out at rush hour and see how many cars are driving and at what speeds. Is it safe for kids ? Do the cars seem to be driving at unsafe speeds? At night or weekends , get a feel for the events going on and if they align with your lifestyle.Does the neighbor seem to have a party from friday night to monday morning? Thats a problem you may want to avoid. Talking to different folks on the block and asking basic questions may also give you good insight. Take a look at the school district and check online about its track record. These days you can get a full report of how the school is doing and performing compared to other schools. Crime rates can also be found online.

Using these ideas for buying a home will surely help you pick the house that you can enjoy for many years with no regrets.


Best Budget For Home Buyers Guide

Most people are living under one pay check. Buying a house may remain as a dream if you do not have strategies on how to budget for a home purchase. Well, if buying a house is your goal, then you need to focus on it. Below are useful tips you can follow:

Best Budget For Home Buyers Guide
  • Build a strong credit – this is very important for all potential buyers. Everyone should check the accuracy of the report as well as fix any mistakes. To improve credit scores, buyers should pay past-due bills.
  • Save cash – future buyers should set savings and create a simple budget goal. You can estimate a mortgage payment by setting aside the difference between mortgage payment and rental each month. This demonstrates your ability to afford a higher housing payment wherein the lender can trust you and let you be eligible for mortgage.
  • Reduce debt – buyers should pay off debt, if there are any, because lenders want to see that you are able to manage your debt and keep your credit card balance low. Debt-to-income ratios are very important elements in a loan approval.
  • Be educated – it might be premature to visit a lender before a home purchase. It is valuable to know for a consumer if they qualify for a mortgage. Visiting open houses is very educational to consumers because there are lots of ideas they can get and they will understand better the value of having a home.

Common budgeting mistakes when buying a home:

Best Budget For Home Buyers Guide
  1. Lacks knowledge about how much they can afford to buy a house.
  2. Assuming that foreclosed properties are always great deals.
  3. Selecting the wrong real estate agent.
  4. Underestimating the real cost of home ownership.
  5. Not including a contingency clause in an agreement.

Purchasing a home can be tough. You should evaluate yourself if the budget or amount of the property is worth your salary. You have to do your homework before buying a house. You might like to read more comments about what other consumers think.

How To Inspect A Home For Purchase

Are you currently planning to buy a house in Manchester, CT? If you are, then you should know how to inspect it first before finally deciding to purchase it. Making assessments on the house’s physical condition is not easy. But if this is done, structural or mechanical systems repairs that are expensive can be avoided or at least you have anticipated it before closing the deal. Inspection of a house needs certain technical skills, which is why most buyers would hire a home inspector to do the job for them. But having a bit of idea can help too, below are the details that you will want to keep in mind:

How To Inspect A Home For Purchase
  1. Check the structural components such as the foundation, ceilings, walls, roof, and floors. Make sure that the foundation supports the weight of the house and it is evenly distributed to the soil below. Look for any insect contamination, rotting and dampness, the condition of the materials as well as the gutters and paintwork.
  2. Check the mechanical system such as heating, air conditioning, chimney, furnace and sprinklers. Is it still functioning? Are there any damages on the systems that you need to know or do you need to replace anything? Such systems are very important and it should be in your top priority list.
  3. Check the electrical system such as circuit breakers, fuse panel, light fixtures, exhaust fans and wirings. This type of system is very critical to avoid any short circuits and any other related accidents.
  4. Check the plumbing system such as vent pipes, drainage, toilets, sinks, and faucets. See to it that there no signs of any surface leakage; and you should also be aware about the last time the septic system was pumped and how old it is.
  5. Other important components that you need to give attention is the ventilation, ceiling height, natural light, sizes of the rooms, smoke detectors, appliances, entryways, garage, driveway or sidewalk, landscaping, windows frames, doors, shutters and trim.
  6. Ask about any safety or health concerns that you should know about.
How To Inspect A Home For Purchase

There is what we call “pre-closing home inspection” wherein you and the inspector will be doing a final walk-through of the house or the overall property once the seller has moved out. This is to make sure that it is still in good condition and it’s also worth your money. There are safety concerns such as asbestos, lead, radon, fungi, and mold that should be checked by a specialist for assessment; and it is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. Once everything is good to go, you’ll be moving in your new home in no time.

Checking Flooring for imperfections.

when inspecting carpets , look for wear and tear of fibers or traffic pasterns . Soil can be cleaned but wear and tear can not be changed. Look at quality of installation along edges and seams , and especially transition areas to other floor types. Look for waves or bumps in carpet . This will require repair by a carpet professional. Keep a special eye out for spots that have color damage. These can be difficult to impossible to remove.

Wood floor inspections should include condition of finish. Are there scratches in the finish, is the sealer worn in areas , is there any water damage or dry rot in the wood floors. Some floors will need to be sanded and refinished , others a good  wood floor cleaning . Sealer can be applied to freshen the look of the floor.

Tile and stone floor inspections should include , quality of installation, grout condition , and cleanliness . Many tile installers do a sub-par job and beautiful tile and stone tiles dont help the resale do to poor installations. Make sure gaps / grout widths are the same in all areas. No lippage  ( uneven height ) are present . Look for missing grout or damaged grout. If soiling is present in tile and grout , hiring a tile floor cleaner would solve that problem.

Tips In Buying And Selling A Home

Almost every family dreamed to buy a house of their own, and this could be one of the biggest purchases you’ve done in your whole life. But before buying a house, take time to research and seek professional advice as much as possible. Below are the steps on how you can get started in your real estate paradise:

Tips In Buying And Selling A Home
  • Attend free home buying seminars – take a little time to learn from the experts on how to purchase a quality house. You can also get tips in shopping a home, financing a purchase, and even knowing about how you can maintain your property once you have bought it.
  • Know how much you can afford – take into consideration of your average monthly budget and what you are spending your money on.
  • Prioritize your needs and wants – understanding and knowing what you really need can help limit your home options. Create a checklist of your needs and wants including the kind of neighbour, school system, commute or even availability to entertainment.
  • Explore mortgage options – most of the buyers can’t pay the house in full, you can have many options on the types of loan or mortgage that you can avail.
Tips In Buying And Selling A Home

Tips in selling a home:

Tips In Buying And Selling A Home

Any improvement should be practical and must complement the home and its other amenities. However, you should take a small edge that you can get in order to sell your home, below are the details:

  • Clean the mess or untidiness before showing it to the potential buyer.
  • Make the deal more attractive to buyers by offering terms that sweeten the pot.
  • Make fresh coat paint on the exterior part, and loan should be well-groomed.
  • Price your home right regardless of how well you have renovated it.

Buying a house may be too expensive. However, if you just manage your spending, you can afford to have one. Furthermore, selling a property is also a bit hard but making some renovations can help it become more saleable.

Find Your Dream Home

Almost all of us desire to live in a perfect home, who doesn’t? But finding one can be very challenging. It takes a lot of effort, time, and money too. Here are very simple tips that you can use to help you to find your dream home:

Find Your Dream Home
  1. Identify your wants and needs – make a list of what you need and want. Know the different options that you have in your desired location. Would you like your home to be near the city? It would be better to make a research about the place first for you to make adjustments on the details of your list, and it should also be realistic especially with your budget.
  2. Identify your budget – expenses such as property taxes, insurance, and all the other monthly costs that you need to incur should be identified. Match your needs and wants to your monthly budget.
  3. Mortgage pre-approval – it would be best if you have yourself pre-approved for a mortgage before you look for your dream home, this is a wiser step than trying to find a home first then figuring out ways on how to pay for it. You can first find out what you can afford or how much you are willing to spend and then you can start checking out properties. Most sellers will want to see a pre-approval rather than a pre-qualification.
  4. Real estate property solutions – find the right expert that you can work with that has skills and expertise in meeting your wants and needs of a home. The company should be updated with the latest information in their real estate community. They should also be ready to assist anyone who has questions in finding their dream home.
  5. You patiently wait – your dream home might have never come yet, all you can do is to wait. Ask your realtor to email you an updated listing of your preferences in a home or property automatically.
Find Your Dream Home

These five simple tips may help you find your dream home and you will want to keep them in mind.

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